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Service Information

Prophetic Voice Institute (P.V.I.) we train, certify, and license Christian Counselors. P.V.I. is a non-profit, professional organization, dedicated to the advancement of faith-based approaches and principles in Christian counseling. Christian counseling provides traditional client-center therapy within the framework and values of the Christian faith.

Christian counselors may specialize in all types of counseling, including addiction, marriage and family, youth, and rehabilitation counseling. P.V.I. Counselors are knowledgeable and well-versed in biblical teachings and the fundamental principles of modern Christianity.

Following an open admission, distance learning protocol, the educational programs impart an effective method of Christian counseling based on the Bible and the created nature of each individual as evidenced in the temperament. 

Program Levels:

P.V.I. Training includes several options ranging from licensing to advanced level programs. If you want to continue your education, you can receive your next degree level (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate) in Christian Counseling from one of several Christian universities approved by the National Christian Counseling Association.

As a licensed Christian counselor you can qualify to:

  • Start a Christian Counseling ministry
  • Train others to counsel & Teach biblically based human behavior and problem resolution
  • Be Advanced Certified in the following specialty areas:
    • Marriage & Family Therapy

    • Child & Adolescent Therapy

    • Crisis & Abuse Therapy

    • Domestic Violence & Intervention Therapy

  • Receive on-going support via networking with other Christian Counselors
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    Counseling With Proven Success:

    The Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) is an easy-to-learn counseling technique that has achieved a success rate of over 90%. Thousands of lay counselors, professional counselors, and pastors throughout the United States and in nine foreign countries are currently using the A.P.S. It will help you identify your counselees problems faster and more accurately.

    Growing Need For Christian Counselors

    There is an expanding need for caring and having well-trained Christian Counselors. Many Christians have discovered that Christian Counseling is more consistent with their beliefs than secular counseling, and can provide real solutions to the problems that face them.

    Every day, Christians seek counsel from representatives of their faith. Will you be there to help them with sound encouragement?

    Christian counselors offer Biblically-sound insight and counsel. Thankfully, they are not obligated to suggest behaviors that are inconsistent with the Bible. 

    Different Kinds of Christian Counselors 

    There are people from many different backgrounds who are led to be enrolled in Prophetic Voice Institute. Whether you are a pastor, lay counselor, professional mental health worker or simply called by God to help others, you will find excellent, relevant coursework and guidance that will help you answer God's call on your life when you enroll in Prophetic Voice Institute.

    The counseling courses offered here at P.V.I. are designed to provide everyone with a solid education in Christian counseling. I guarantee you will enjoy the excellent company of many others that will walk with you to see you through. God bless you.

    Many state-licensed, secular counselors find that they cannot ethically serve both God and the state. Resolutions to your issues of conscience and ethics may be found in Christian counseling.

    Possibly you have simply been called to become a Professional Christian Counselor. If you know in your heart this is what you are invited to do, you will find Christian Counseling Master's Degrees, Doctorates, and an abundance of professional education that will help you gain the knowledge, credentials and the means to enter the Ministry of Christian Counseling, through Prophetic Voice Institute. Again you will find dedicated, caring Christian Educators eager to help you achieve your goals. At Prophetic Voice Institute, we value and are committed to your education.

    Professional Christian Counseling - Earnings

    Professional Christian Counselors are known to earn above-average incomes as a result of the high demand for their services and the scarcity of trained professionals. God promises to meet our physical needs as we follow His direction.

    Temperament Model and the


    The Christian Pastoral Counseling model we offer is provided by the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA). It is based on the Scripture and the God-given temperament. This comprehensive model offers both a powerful, accurate client assessment tool and a practical framework for creating treatment plans. In the hands of a trained Christian Counselor, it provides a reliable, insightful treatment model with excellent success rates.


    P.V. I Admission Requirements

    A student comes to us with a wide variety of educational backgrounds. The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma. If you are already college-educated and are seeking a Christian Master's or Doctoral degree, you will find high-quality educational materials as well as well-experienced practical supervision to guide you to become the professional the Lord has called you to be.

    Many of our students come to us already holding valid ministerial credentials. However, if you do not, there is no need to worry. A ministerial credential is not required for admission. A Christian Ministerial Credential is required to complete any NCCA program (Which can be provided through P.V.I. We are here to help you gain an appropriate credential if you need one. Regardless of your educational background, there is a program designed to meet your needs as a Christian counselor.

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    You may gain your education in concert with the other demands of your life and ministry. You may start and stop as you wish. The time limits are generous and flexible. Most students find the courses so engaging that they are done in a remarkably short time. A student seeking an advanced degree is typical with us from one to two years.

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